Saturday, February 11, 2017

Finally Maid Some New Captions

Greetings all, sorry about the pun. ;-)

Been a very busy few weeks. Granny is doing fine, still has the cast but no complications and might be getting the cast partly removed in another week or so.

I've managed to finish three new captions, for some reason I got into a maid-theme mood. This are a bit less polished than my usual, but I'm happy with them. And they don't have any major body-mods, unlike my last several captions. So there's some variety, at least.

The first I was going to post a few days ago, but kept having other maid cap ideas, so thought it would be best to finish them all and post them together. Plus it makes my bad pun work better.

Hope you all enjoy these simple tales. Let me know which you like the most. I'll try to get back into the captioning routine, and not take another month to make a new post.

- B-Rex

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Vacation Bimbo

Hello everyone, sorry about not putting up more caps the past week like I'd planned. But my grandmother slipped and broke her wrist just after my last post, so I've been busy helping her. The break wasn't bad, but she can't do anything with just one hand, and with all the rain lately she can't even really leave the house (the doctor told her not to get her cast wet, so she won't go out if it's even just sprinkling), feeding her dogs and taking out the trash, cracking eggs for breakfast, etc.

Anyway, so I've been a bit busy dealing with all that, so haven't gotten much caption/writing done lately. But I did finish this old caption from last year, not really sure how legible it is, so I'm posting the full caption text after the break. Afraid it's a bit tame for me, but hopefully it works well enough.

Sorry again for the lack of posts lately, but as I've said, been busy lately.

- B-Rex

Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy New Year!

Hello everybody! Sorry about disappearing, been very busy with the holidays and helping with renovating my sibling's new house; we've been trying to get as much work done before the weather turned bad for winter.

Which, seeing the inch of freezing rain and ice outside right now, the winter weather has officially arrived. Looks like I'm stuck at home until Monday or so. Definitely no more long drives across the state, at least, LOL.

Anyway, been working on some captions, including an age-regression series that I might write as a short-story instead as it feels a bit long for a caption, and maybe something involving magical New Year's Resolutions that must be obeyed. Sadly, none of those captions are finished just yet, so all you're getting is this short head's up message today. Hopefully I'll get some stuff finished this weekend, since I'm stuck inside, and posted in a day or two.

Until then, to tide you over in the meantime, here's a great caption maker I've recently found:

Amanda Hawkins' TG/Crossdressing captions are great, love the look of them and picture choice and the whole style is wonderful.

And she also has TG stories on her main site, along with her captions.

I'll be back soon with captions of my own, and I'll get some of those prize captions finished soon too, don't worry I haven't forgotten ;-) Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's everybody!

- B-Rex

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Customer Service

Happy Humpday, all, and Merry Christmas as well!

Sorry about disappearing again, I've been very busy with family, trying to fix up a house and install cabinets. I'd meant to get some more Christmas-y themed stuff out this month, but clearly that didn't materialize.

I'd also meant to finish up some more contest prizes, but just haven't found any time to spare, sadly.

Today's cap is a little hypnosis-themed one I wrote a few months ago and never could quite finish. Not entirely happy with what I ended up with here, but hopefully it'll still be fun for you all.

If I don't get another post up this week, then I wish you all a very Merry Christmas again. :-)

- B-Rex

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Guest Post: Catnip by Virginia Marie Andrews

Happy Humpday, everyone!

Today I've got a new guest captioner, Virginia Marie Andrews, who has sent me this petplay-themed caption. This is her first non-consensual type cap, but she also writes consensual petplay-themed stories on Literotica. Be sure to check them out.

As always, let Virginia Marie Andrews know what you think of the new caption, down in the comments.

- B-Rex
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